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The Dangers of Taking Dietary Advice from Friends & Forums

The Dangers of Taking Dietary Advice from Friends & Forums

Common sense tells us to consult a health professional for medical and dietary advice, yet some patients will seek alternate advice from friends or online forums. So why is this dangerous? Although it is important to have support from friends or family prior to undergoing a bariatric procedure, taking advice from an unqualified third-party could be detrimental to your health and recovery.

Before undergoing a weight loss procedure such as a Gastric Sleeve or Lapband each patient is put on a pre-operative diet by a qualified Dietitian. During this consultation a unique diet plan is developed according to the patients BMI, medical history, medications and allergies. Therefore your diet plan may not be the same as your friend who had the same procedure. Deviating from your plan without the knowledge of your dietitian or surgeon may not only affect your results, but it can be harmful to your body and result in illness, pain or rehospitalisation. This is especially critical during the first six weeks following a Sleeve Gastrectomy as you are within the high risk period for a leak.

We advise all our patients to contact the rooms if they are unsure of their dietary guidelines before or after their procedure. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest care and can arrange urgent dietary consultations if required.

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