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Tips To Help When Dining Out Following Weight Loss Surgery

Tips To Help When Dining Out Following Weight Loss Surgery

Following your weight loss surgery, there will be a lot of changes that you will have to make with your food habits and lifestyle. However, this does not mean that you can no longer go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant or café with family and friends. Here are some handy tips when dining out following weight loss surgery.


1. Check the Menu Online Beforehand

Most restaurants make their menus available online on their websites, Facebook or food websites such as Zomato. Before going out, plan ahead to find the most appropriate and healthy meal option for yourself. This will also help with avoiding restaurants with unhealthy food options. Checking the menu online also helps you budget for the outing.


2. Carry Your Brisbane Obesity Clinic Restaurant Card*

Keep your restaurant card on you whenever you dine out. The card helps inform restaurants that you have undergone weight loss surgery and the fact that you need smaller than usual servings or the need to order off the kid’s menu. While a lot of restaurants do accept this card, it is at the restaurant or cafes discretion if they will accept the use of the card.


3.Order Food with Lean Proteins

Be mindful in ordering meals that contain lean proteins as the main ingredient of the recipe.  This is important as they are necessary to meet your daily nutritional requirements. These proteins include foods such as chicken and fish. 


4.Request a Smaller Plate

If you are unable to order a smaller meal, make sure to request a side plate so that you can dish yourself up the appropriate portion size to avoid overeating.


5.Request Sauce on the Side

Be mindful of the hidden calories and sugar that sauce and condiments contain. To keep the amount of sauce consumed under control, ask the waiter to place the sauce or dressing on the side.


6.Request a Take-Away Container

If you are unable to finish your meal while you are out, make sure that you request a take-way container to enjoy the rest of your meal the following day.


*If you have undergone weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or lapband) with Brisbane Obesity Clinic, you are able eligible for a restaurant card. This can be requested via the contact us form, via email or via our Facebook page.


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