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Top 5 Tips For Success Following Weight Loss Surgery

Top 5 Tips For Success Following Weight Loss Surgery

1. Practice Mindful Eating

It is easy to get distracted when we are eating our meals but it is crucial to pay attention when eating any food, no matter what phase you are in following your surgery. This will help to avoid overeating, not chewing thoroughly, and also vomiting.

If you practice mindful eating, you will be more aware of when you are nearing fullness and feel satisfied with smaller portions of food.

2. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

The bubbly nature of carbonated drinks such as soda, can cause gas pain and increase the pressure in your stomach, which can be harmful to staples and sutures especially in the months immediately after your surgery. Avoid soda, even diet sodas which can increase sugar cravings after surgery.

3. Keep Your Follow Up Appointments

Ensure that you are attending your follow up appointments with Dr Adib and the dietitians. This is key for success following any bariatric procedure. We offer lifetime follow up care with Dr Adib and 12 months of follow up appointments with the dietitian. It is crucial that you attend your change of diet phase appointments with the dietitians to ensure that you are sticking to the guidelines. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions to Dr Adib or the dietitians.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. This will help you feel more energetic, and it will prevent you from mistaking hunger for thirst. Many adults confuse the two sensations, so if you are well-hydrated, you won’t ever wonder if you are truly hungry. Also, make sure to avoid excessive consumption of caffeine as this can lead to dehydration.

5. Chew Your Food

It is crucial that you chew your food thoroughly following bariatric surgery. In your post operative phase it is advised to start with smaller bites and cut food into tiny pieces. Not chewing your food enough can result in pain, nausea and vomiting. This rule applies for all stages following weight loss surgery.

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