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Pre-Surgery Nerves

Pre-Surgery Nerves

Surgery day is looming and you’re probably feeling really nervous. This is very normal. Any type of surgical procedure is a big deal and it’s normal to feel anxious. Rest assured Dr Adib has a very experienced team of anaesthetists, theatre nurses and surgical assistants at the Wesley hospital who will be there to support you every step of the way.  

If you are feeling apprehensive try some of these strategies to calm your nerves:

  • Chat with a supportive friend or family member – it’s okay to have these feelings 
  • Connect with our private support group on Facebook. Find it here
  • Don’t start any new projects and try to keep your routine quieter in preparation for the big day
  • Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, listening to music or going for a walk
  • Start your meal preparations and planning for your post-op diet. Refer to the resources that our Dietitian has provided
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep in the days beforehand
  • Get your hospital bag ready

Tomorrow is surgery day! In addition to your toiletries, what do you need to pack? These items may be helpful to remember:

  • Hospitals can often be cold so pack your favourite dressing gown and socks to keep warm. Some loose comfortable clothing is essential as you will be connected to IV fluids for 24 hours
  • Take some lip balm or chapstick as air conditioning and some anaesthetic drugs can cause dry lips
  • Most rooms have TVs but packing an iPad, charger and headphones can be handy to watch your favourite Netflix shows
  • Baby wipes/makeup wipes for refreshment
  • Earplugs, as hospitals can be quite noisy at night

Often you will spend the first 24 hours sleeping and resting, however, it is a good idea to walk around if possible. This helps with blood flow, digestion and alleviating shoulder tip gas.

Making this decision and coping with your pre-surgery nerves is the hardest part – you’ve got this!

If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 07 3871 2277 or here.

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