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High Protein Snacks for Bariatric Patients

High protein snacks for bariatric patients

High Protein Snacks for Bariatric Patients

Many people who have had bariatric surgery will know that protein should be their focal point at each main meal.

To find out more about why protein is so important, check out our previous blog post on the importance of a high protein diet post weight loss surgery.

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet: High Protein Snack Ideas

Generally speaking, you should be aiming for at least 60-80g of protein each day.

However, depending on your age, height, build and exercise habits your protein requirements may be higher.

If you are unsure about your specific protein requirements, please contact us on 07 3871 2277 and speak to one of our bariatric dietitians. 

If you are struggling to meet your protein requirements or find that you are heavily relying on protein powders rather than wholefoods to get adequate protein, try incorporating a protein rich snack in between meals. 

High Protein Snacks for Bariatric Patients                  

Some high protein snack options include:

Food productProtein (g) per ‘serve’Protein (g) per 100g
The Happy Snack Company roasted chickpeas 5.6 per 25g22.5
Boiled egg6 per 1 egg13
Edgell Snack time chickpeas5.2 per 70g7.4
YoPro vanilla yoghurt15.4 per 160g9.6
Almonds / walnuts7 per 35g20
Edamame beans8.5 per 75g11
Lite laughing cows cheese2.2 per triangle13.5
Tinned tuna15.7 per 95g 25.7
Bounce protein ball8.6 per 40g21.5
High protein cottage cheese5.6 per 50g11.2

If you have any known allergies / intolerances or if you would like more high protein snack ideas, please contact us via email or on (07) 3871 2277.

* We do not have any affiliation or financial interest with products mentioned in this post.

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