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23 Non-Scale Victories From Weight Loss Surgery

non-scale victories

23 Non-Scale Victories From Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss progress can look and feel different for everyone, and sometimes we can become fixated on what the scales are telling us – rather than acknowledging all the other improvements in our lives that occur when we get rid of unwanted kilograms.

In addition to your weight loss journey, here at The Brisbane Obesity Clinic, we believe these improvements or non-scale victories should be celebrated, and we love to celebrate them with you!

Keep reading as we explain what non-scale victories are and list 23 non-scale victories that can occur after weight loss surgery.

Non-scale Victories: What are they?

Non-scale victories refer to physical, mental and/or social health improvements that are not associated with the number of the scale.

While that number may be a measure of success, it’s by no means the only way to keep track of the improvements in your life.

Non-scale Victories List

Non-scale victories, or NSVs, may include:

  1. Fitting into smaller sized clothes and having a greater selection to choose from.  
  2. Better quality sleep and reduced snoring.
  3. Being able to tie your shoe laces.
  4. Increased energy levels.
  5. Resolving Type 2 Diabetes.
  6. Weaning off your high blood pressure or high cholesterol medication.
  7. Improving knee, ankle, back or joint pain.
  8. Being able to sit comfortably on a theatre or aeroplane seat.
  9. Improving your fertility levels and increasing your chances of getting pregnant.
  10. Improving your mental health and having a more positive outlook on life.
  11. Being able to walk faster and for longer.
  12. Reducing your risk of developing chronic diseases.
  13. Learning to eat mindfully and developing healthy eating habits.
  14. Improving cognitive function (attention span and memory).
  15. Increased libido.
  16. Resolving reflux and heartburn.
  17. Reaching a fitness milestone.
  18. Improving self-confidence.
  19. Being able to run around and play with your children or grandchildren.
  20. Feeling stronger.
  21. Clearer skin.
  22. Improving biochemical markers.
  23. Improving your overall quality of life.

Non-scale Victories after weight loss surgery

Have we missed any non-scale victories?

Let us know some of your non-scale victories in the comments section below!

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