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Bariatric Friendly Restaurants in Australia

Bariatric Friendly Restaurants

Bariatric Friendly Restaurants in Australia

After weight loss surgery, some people may find it intimidating to enjoy a meal at a restaurant or café with family and friends due to the large portion sizes being served.

Dining out is an enjoyable part of life, and you shouldn’t have to avoid eating out because you have had bariatric surgery.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog, which lists a number of bariatric friendly restaurants.

Bariatric Friendly Restaurants

Most cafés and restaurants are very accommodating and will cater for smaller portion sizes, particularly the ones mentioned below:

  • Frigg café – Located in Manly West, QLD & Labrador, QLD

Frigg café is owned and run by twin sisters, Maria and Toula, who have also had bariatric surgery. They offer a ‘standard‘ menu and a ‘petite‘ menu, which has smaller servings of the main course dishes.

  • Café Tahbella – Located in Goldcoast, QLD

Café Tahbella also offers a bariatric menu which includes dishes such as smoothies, omelettes, corn fritters as well as meat and vegetable lasagna. The bariatric menu is not available on their website, however can be sent to you if you contact them via Facebook.

The cafés listed below do not have a bariatric specific menu, but are willing to offer smaller sized meals.

  1. Site café Located in Banyo, QLD
  2. The Shed – Located in Erina, NSW
  3. Just like Nans – Located in Ballarat, Victoria
  4. Café Bear and Scoobs – Located in Geelong, VIC
  5. Mad Hatterz Café – Located in Darwin, NT

Restaurant Card for Bariatric Patients

Have you read our blog on ‘Tips for Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery’?

Also, be sure to collect your restaurant card at your 3-month post-op appointment from our lovely reception team.

The restaurant card helps inform restaurants and cafés that you have undergone weight loss surgery and requests that you be able to either choose from the children’s menu or to purchase a half-sized adult meal.

While establishments are not obliged to honour this, very few of them decline.

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