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What to Wear While Losing Weight

What to wear while losing weight

What to Wear While Losing Weight

Are you wondering what to wear while you’re losing weight? After you’ve had bariatric surgery you are focused on getting to your goal weight, however, it can be difficult and confusing the navigate the ‘in between’ phase, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.

In this blog we share some advice to help you build a weight loss transition wardrobe that won’t break the bank.

What to Wear While Losing Weight

The most dramatic weight loss happens in the first 12 months after weight loss surgery. So, does this mean you need to hold off until the one year mark to go on a shopping spree? Do you still wear your baggy clothes in the meantime? Or do you buy new clothes every 3 months after surgery?

Undoubtedly your old clothes will not fit the same, and you may not want to spend a fortune on new clothes while you are still losing weight every few weeks.

This is why we have come up with some tips and tricks to help you embrace your changing body shape during the β€˜in between’ phase.

1. Shop at local op shops so you are not paying a fortune for items while you continue to lose weight.

2. Use accessories! Accessorising using a belt, necklace or bag makes a huge difference by adding style and accentuating your new body shape.

3. Use fitting shape wear that is comfortable. This will help slim the silhouette and hold in excess skin if present.

4. A well-fitted bra is very important and can make a significant difference to your overall shape. Don’t be afraid to ask for store assistance as they can help you find a comfortable fitted bra.

5. Consider using a sewing machine or asking a seamstress to take in extra material of your favourite old pieces of clothing.

6. Dresses and stretchy clothing such as legging will last you a longer period of time. Choose bottoms with an elastic waistband or a waistband with a tie.

What should you do with clothes after losing weight?

Having clothes that don’t fit comfortably – and the extra clutter they create – can be very stressful every time you open your closet.

We recommending re-evaluating what’s in your wardrobe every two to three months and removing pieces which are now too big.

Once you’re ready to pass that clothing on we suggest re-gifting it or donating it to charity.

If you really can’t part with an item, or you love the print or material, then it might be worth checking if it can be taken in or recycled.

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