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Fact or fake? Common stomach sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) myths debunked


Fact or fake? Common stomach sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) myths debunked

Are you considering stomach sleeve surgery but are overwhelmed by the misconceptions circulating online?

Also known as gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy, the procedure is a powerful tool for weight loss and improved health. Let’s cut through the myths and get to the truth.


Stomach sleeve surgery is dangerous


It’s natural to be concerned about the risks of any major surgery. However, the truth is, gastric sleeve surgery is a well-established and safe procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a fairly straightforward operation and the chance of developing serious complications is very rare.


Stomach sleeve surgery is a quick fix


Gastric sleeve surgery is often described it as a journey. It is not a quick fix!

Bariatric surgery is a powerful tool used over time to help facilitate changes in diet and lifestyle that promote gradual and sustainable weight loss.


Stomach surgery is just for cosmetic reasons


Gastric sleeve surgery is a fantastic tool for helping people lose weight and adapt to lifestyles changes that boosts confidence in all aspects of their daily lives.


Stomach sleeves are not reversible


Gastric sleeve is not reversible. Once performed, it permanently reduces the size of the stomach, enabling sustainable weight loss.


Weight loss surgery is expensive


There are costs associated with any surgery, including the surgeon’s fee, hospital expenses and associated health care. Gastric sleeve surgery has proven to be a very wise investment for many people. Often health insurance  covers some of these upfront costs but this may vary depending on the type of insurance cover.

Gastric sleeve surgery may seem expensive at first but in the long-term people who have had the procedure often talk about how much money they have saved after they have lost weight. They are amazed with the savings on health costs, food and medication expenses. But it is important to remember that it is a relatively small price to pay for significantly improving their quality of life long into the future.


I won’t be able to conceive after weight loss surgery


The effect of weight loss on reproductive hormones is often positive, increasing fertility for many individuals.

Female patients of childbearing age are advised to wait at least 12 months post-surgery before conceiving to allow their body to have recovered fully before the pregnancy.


Gastric sleeve can be effective for weight loss in PCOS


Gastric sleeve surgery can significantly benefit individuals with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Weight loss often improves the response of reproductive hormones, helping promote a regular menstrual cycle.


You don’t need to exercise even after weight loss surgery


Exercise remains an essential component of the weight loss journey post-gastric sleeve surgery.

Building and maintaining muscle tone through regular exercise helps sustain weight loss, improve mobility, metabolism, mental health and an overall enhanced quality of life.


Most patients say they’d do it again in a heartbeat


An overwhelming majority of patients not only say they would do it again but also that they wish they had “done the surgery years ago!”.


Stomach sleeve surgery: setting the record straight

Navigating the truths and misconceptions about gastric sleeve surgery is a vital step toward making an informed decision. As specialists in weight loss surgery we’re here to support you on your journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Get in touch with our team today!

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