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How bariatric surgery can help with PCOS weight loss


How bariatric surgery can help with PCOS weight loss

Are you caught up in the challenging web of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), weight loss struggles or even infertility? You’re not alone. The journey with PCOS can often feel like an uphill climb.

PCOS is as complex as it is frustrating. The persistently high levels of various hormones create a challenging environment for weight loss, often resulting in the storage of excess fat, especially around the midsection.

If you have PCOS and struggle with losing weight, you may be wondering what effective, long-term options there are beyond the regular diet and exercise routines that often don’t work. The good news is—there is an alternative!

Read on to find out how bariatric or weight loss surgery can aid in weight loss and alleviate PCOS symptoms.


Is bariatric surgery a recommended option for PCOS weight loss and symptom management? And is it a viable long-term solution?


Within the first year following surgery, many individuals experience a substantial decline in PCOS symptoms because of the weight they’ve shed, and associated improvements in their overall health.

The benefits lie in sustainability.  The metabolic improvements that come from the weight loss, along with continuing weight management, can help alleviate the symptoms of PCOS in the long term.


How can PCOS weight loss surgery help with symptoms? 

The weight loss achieved post-surgery allows for a cascade of benefits, including:

  • improved hormonal regulation
  • more regular menstrual cycles
  • reduced PCOS symptoms
  • improved insulin sensitivity
  • enhanced fertility


How long will it take for my PCOS symptoms to improve?

Patients often see improvements in their PCOS symptoms and regulation of their menstrual cycle in the first few months post-surgery.

As you continue to recover and lose weight, you’ll continue to notice improvements, until you have reached your stable goal weight.


How long should I wait after weight loss surgery if I am planning a pregnancy in the future?

For those dreaming of starting a family, weight loss surgery enhances reproductive health, boosts fertility and increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. However due to the demand a pregnancy has on the body, It is recommended to wait at least 12 months post-surgery before planning to conceive. This allows your body the time it needs to recover, and your weight stabilise.

As nutrient levels can be impacted by weight loss surgery, it is vitally important to ensure the body’s nutrient levels are within a normal range before contemplating pregnancy.

Before surgery, discuss appropriate birth control options with your regular doctor to avoid any surprises. It’s an important step in ensuring a well-informed and prepared approach to your weight loss and long-term reproductive health.


How bariatric surgery can help with PCOS weight loss

Rapid weight loss in the initial months can feel like a triumph, not just on the scales but in the daily victories over your PCOS symptoms. Improved hormone balance, increased menstrual regularity and improved fertility.

If you’re contemplating weight loss surgery to help manage your PCOS symptoms, chat to our team and book in a consultation with Dr Adib.

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