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Weight loss treatments: why we recommend gastric sleeve surgery over weight loss medications


Weight loss treatments: why we recommend gastric sleeve surgery over weight loss medications

Losing weight is a challenge, but when sifting through the copious amounts of articles and weight loss treatments available it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed.

If you’ve found it hard to lose weight and are searching for a solution, this guide is for you.

Weight loss surgery and medication emerge as the two major avenues beyond lifestyle changes.

We explore both below.


Understanding the difference between gastric sleeve surgery and weight loss medication

Gastric sleeve surgery physically reduces the size of the stomach, restricting the volume of food you can consume, altering hunger signals and improving metabolism.

On the other hand, medications mimic gut hormone actions, suppressing appetite and slowing digestion.


When it comes to weight loss treatments, should I choose medication or gastric sleeve surgery?

Each has its pros and cons, but if you’re after effective, long-term results for a greater amount of weight loss, we recommend gastric sleeve surgery.


Achieving substantial weight loss and better health outcomes

Gastric sleeve surgery is the gold standard for weight loss, especially when substantial weight loss is the goal. If your BMI is higher than 30 and you’re aiming for a significant percentage of weight loss, surgery becomes a logical and effective option.

Individuals undergoing this surgery can lose 50 to 80% of their excess body weight, versus the 15% average achievable through medications.

Significant weight loss is accompanied by great improvements in overall health and obesity comorbidities like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  In opting for gastric sleeve surgery, you’re opting for profound health improvements beyond the scales.


Long-term efficacy and avoiding life-long medication dependency:

The challenge lies not just in losing weight but in maintaining it. Gastric sleeve surgery is permanent and has proven highly effective in the long term. On the flip side, while medications are less invasive, and can be stopped, you are highly likely to regain the weight if you decide to stop the medication, therefore you are setting yourself up for taking them for life.


Safety and side effects

Beyond efficacy, safety matters. Some weight loss medications, particularly injectables, have limited research regarding their long-term safety. Additionally, weight loss drugs can induce side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, making the journey unpleasant and inconvenient.


Weight loss treatments: why we recommend gastric sleeve surgery over weight loss medications

Choosing the right path for weight loss is a deeply personal decision. If you’re contemplating the options, consider the long-term impact on your health and lifestyle. Gastric sleeve surgery, with its proven efficacy and enduring benefits, could be the transformative solution you’re seeking.

As you navigate this journey, it’s crucial to consult with medical professionals to find the approach aligned with your unique needs and aspirations. Get in touch with our admin team today to book a consult with Dr Adib and find the right approach for you.

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