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The risks of weight loss surgery abroad aren’t worth the potential savings

The risks of weight loss surgery abroad aren’t worth the potential savings

When considering weight loss surgery abroad, the allure of lower costs overseas can be tempting. However, the risks associated with medical tourism for such significant procedures cannot be understated.

It’s important to understand that price reflects the quality of your care and overseas, you have to wonder why it’s so cheap… What corners are they cutting?

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Don’t take a gamble with the dangers of weight loss surgery abroad

Australia’s medical standards are among the highest globally, offering a level of safety and expertise that is often unmatched overseas. Here’s why staying in Australia for your surgery is not just a safer option, but a decision you won’t regret.

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1. Questionable qualifications of overseas surgeons

The journey to becoming a surgeon in Australia is rigorous and of the highest standard. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for every corner of the globe.
Opting for surgery abroad may thrust you into the hands of inadequately trained surgeons, increasing the risk of life-threatening complications.

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2. Compromised safety standards in foreign facilities

Infection control, a cornerstone of a successful (and safe) surgery, varies dramatically worldwide. Australian hospitals boast exceptionally low infection rates, but overseas, you may encounter the opposite resulting in prolonged recovery or even fatal complications.

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3. Outdated techniques and equipment

Australia’s medical facilities and surgeons are world-class with the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology. The same cannot be promised overseas. Hospitals abroad might cut corners with obsolete equipment to reduce costs.

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4. Inadequate postoperative care

In Australia, post-surgery care is comprehensive and patient-focused. Abroad, this critical care phase is often neglected, with patients left to fend for themselves or rely on untrained companions, posing a serious risk to recovery and health.

The accessibility of aftercare from your international surgeon is also compromised when you return to Australia.

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5. High risk of foodborne illnesses

Traveling abroad for surgery increases the risk of encountering unsafe food practices, leading to severe foodborne illnesses. This is especially dangerous when your body is in a vulnerable state post-surgery.

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6. The true financial cost

While overseas surgery may appear economical initially, the hidden costs of travel, accommodation, and potential emergency medical expenses can snowball into an overwhelming financial burden.
Unlike in Australia, where you benefit from insurance coverage and the support of Medicare, overseas ventures lack this financial safety net.

At Brisbane Obesity Clinic, we prioritise transparency in our pricing structure. In this case of a complication, we offer revision surgeries at no extra cost. Plus, our surgery packages encompass dietitian consultations.

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Make the safe choice with Brisbane Obesity Clinic

Your health is irreplaceable, and taking shortcuts overseas is a gamble you can’t afford. Contact Brisbane Obesity Clinic for a consultation and entrust your surgery to one of the best medical professionals in the world.

Your journey to a healthier, happier life starts with a decision. Make it a wise one. Contact Brisbane Obesity Clinic today

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