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Author: Annette Pinto

Following on from last week’s blog, here are some other common side effects after bariatric surgery: Lactose Intolerance Lactose in a carbohydrate or sugar found in dairy products, more predominantly in milk, soft cheeses, cream and thin runny yoghurt. After bariatric surgery, lactose passes from the stomach into the small intestine at a much faster […]

Patients experience varying degrees of symptoms or side effects following bariatric surgery, some of which your surgeon or dietitian will discuss with you at your initial appointment. Some of the more common and immediate side effects include: Changes in bowel movement regularity Changes in bowel movements after bariatric surgery may be a result of: A […]

The most abundant mineral found in the body.   Predominantly stored in bones.   Absorbed throughout the small intestine, specifically in the duodenum and the proximal jejunum.   Plays an important role in natural blood clotting, cardiovascular health, nervous system function, hormone secretion, muscle contraction, and maintaining strong bones and teeth.   Calcium cannot be […]

Below we share a healthy prawn salad recipe that is bariatric friendly and can be made as a snack or main meal. But before we list the ingredients you need and explain how to make the tasty dish, we’re going to touch on the nutritional benefits of prawns. Health Benefits of Prawns Prawns can be […]

The Brisbane Obesity Clinic is a Formulite stockist, and we now carry their soups, shakes, and bars in our clinic. Keep reading as we share more information about these meal replacement products. Disclaimer: Please seek advice from your healthcare professional to assess your individual needs before using Formulite. This blog post is not sponsored by […]

Many weight loss surgery patients will experience iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anaemia after their procedure, so in this blog we aim to shed some light on symptoms as well as the role of iron in the body and sources of iron. The Role of Iron in the Body Iron is a mineral that forms part […]

If you’re tired of the same old garden salad and looking for a new recipe, we explain how to make a wholesome and tasty grain salad below. This is a super quick and fresh salad to make that will leave you feeling satisfied, especially in these warmer months. It is great for a main meal, […]

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