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Post Procedure Aftercare Instructions

Looking after yourself post surgery is very important. It is important to have someone at home with you as you will not be as mobile for a few days. It is important to know that different people recover at different times. Most people sail through very easily.

Your bariatric surgery was most likely a laparoscopic procedure. This means that the entire procedure was conducted through tiny incisions in your tummy with a camera and long handled instruments. The incisions would have been infiltrated with a local anaesthetic. This numbs the surgical incisions for a while, however this will subside within 24hrs. Your tummy cavity would have been inflated with gas so Dr Adib can see your organs.

After 24 hours you may experience some of the following:

  • Pain / Discomfort
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling

Do not be alarmed! This is to be expected.

Medications will be given to you upon discharge from the hospital: they will include pain relief and anti-nausea medication, to be used as required.

You may also be given anti-reflux medication which is to be taken once daily until finished.

Please resume your normal medication regime unless otherwise advised by Dr Adib.

Please note: NO Anti-inflammatory medications (such as Nurofen and Voltaren) are to be taken for a minimum of 8 weeks post-op.


  • Your wounds will be dressed with waterproof dressings.
  • Dressings are to remain on for 4 days
  • Please try keep the dressings dry and replace if necessary
  • After 4 days the dressings can be gently removed while in the shower. Do not put under direct water pressure.
  • DO NOT REMOVE the steri-strips underneath your dressings. Allow them to fall off on their own.

Post Operative Restrictions

  • No heavy lifting for the first 2 weeks
  • No driving for at least 1 – 2 weeks
  • No cardio exercise or swimming for 3 weeks
  • Small weights can be lifted up to 5kg 4-6 weeks post op.
  • No heavy lifting for 6 weeks post op.

You have been booked to see Dr Adib and our dietitian for a 2 week post operative appointment, at which time they will advise on any further specifications.

Common Post Operative Symptoms may include:

  • Stitch Pain: You may experience a stich like pain on the left side under the ribs. This is caused by the anchor stitch which is used to keep the stomach in place, and will dissolve over time.
  • Shoulder Tip Gas pain: This is common following any laparoscopic surgery due to the gas used to inflate the abdomen. Pain will usually last from 2 –3 days anywhere up to 4 weeks. Some patients find that applying heat or walking around helps to alleviate the pain caused by trapped gas.
  • Constipation: This can be caused by the general anaesthetic and can be managed by staying hydrated, and drinking Benefibre, prune or pear juice. If this is not successful please contact the dietitian for further advice.
  • Diarrhoea: This is common and is often caused by lactose. Try to decrease the amount of milky drinks and contact the dietitian if you have any concerns. Infection Indicators Although a small amount of discomfort and swelling is to be expected post operatively, it is important to keep a watchful eye on the surgical wounds.
  • Infection: Indicators include:
    • Swelling / inflammation
    • Temperature
    • Weeping / Oozing
    • Incisions that are red and hot to touch
    • Breathlessness

Please contact our rooms if you have any of the above symptoms or if you have any additional concerns. Phone: 07 3871 2277  or email us here

Emergency & After Hours Contact Details

In the event of a medical emergency OR if you require medical assistance outside of business hours please present to an emergency department.

Insured Patients: Wesley Emergency Centre

Uninsured Patients: Nearest Public Hospital

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