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Gastric Sleeve

When considering weight loss procedures, many individuals perceive the gastric balloon as a less invasive option. But why then is it that gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular bariatric procedure?   Pros and cons of gastric balloon Now, let’s talk about the gastric balloon. It’s known for being budget-friendly and reversible. Plus, it’s a […]

In regional areas like Mackay, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. But here’s the thing – the blame doesn’t only lie with the residents. Rather, it’s the obesogenic environment of regional locales – with clusters of cheap fast-food outlets, expensive fresh produce, and sparse infrastructure that necessitates driving […]

Dr Reza Adib is one of Queensland’s leading bariatric surgeons undertaking gastric sleeve surgery for Rockhampton residents. Based at the renowned Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Dr. Adib specialises in bariatric surgeries, offering a path to healthier lives for Rockhampton residents seeking advanced and compassionate care.   Gastric sleeve surgery Rockhampton patients Every week Dr Adib […]

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